Cookie policy and data protection
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Pyrius obrt uses cookies on the website to collect information through Google Analytics in order to display and organize the content as best as possible.

Third party websites
The website may contain information from third parties and links to other websites over which Pyrius has no control.

Pyrius has no influence on cookie settings on third-party websites. To see the corresponding cookie settings, visit the websites of third parties.

Data processing manager
Pyrius is the manager of personal data processing.

Data protection applies to all personal data that Pyrius collects and processes, either directly or through its partners.

Personal data is any data relating to a natural person whose identity has been determined or can be determined, directly or indirectly.

Data processing is any action performed on personal data, such as collection, storage, use, inspection and transfer of personal data.

Collection of personal data
Pyrius collects and processes personal data according to the following:

– when a person directly asks for information about products and services
-when purchasing a product or service directly
-if other business partners have forwarded personal data to Pyrius in a permitted manner

Types of data
Pyrius collects the following types of data:

Personal information: name, surname, title, address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, tax number
Customer information: offers, contracts, product and service purchase data, product model and configuration, purchase date, order date, delivery date, price list, warranty information, customer requests, consultation information, complaints, current or past information product and service features, product settings information

Use of personal data
Pyrius collects information about the person and the customer for the purpose of customer support and publishing the offer of its own products and services.

Data processing is based on Pyrius interest in providing information about its own range of products and services.

Security of personal data
Pyrius permanently undertakes all necessary measures to protect personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and good business practices.

Collected personal data is stored securely and permanently, i.e. until the consent is withdrawn by the person from whom the personal data was collected.

Data protection contacts
Inquiries using personal data can be reported as follows:

  • by e-mail to the address
  • in writing to the address of the trade