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Our company PYRIUS is one of the most prestigious companies for SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS in the area of southeast-europe. The region of southeast-europe is consisted of following countries: Republic of Croatia (cca 4,5 mil. people), Republic of Serbia (cca 8 mil. people), Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina (cca 4 mil. people), Republic of Montenegro (cca 1 mil. people), Republic of Slovenia (cca 2,2 mil. people), Republic of Macedonia (cca 2,2 mil. people), Republic of Kosovo (cca 2 mil. people), ect. General market in southeast-europe is around +24 mil. people Services we are providing: BUSINESS CONSULTING, BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS, ARRANGING MEETINGS, SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS, PREPARATION OF BUSSINES

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Our Services

Business consulting
Business negotiations
Arranging meetings
Selling your products


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We Have Skills

Each of our clients works with us because they have recognized our knowledge and skills that guarantee success.


Fast communication with clients in their native language

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Highly trained personnel specialized in sales.

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Experienced in international negotiations and sales.

Fast Results

The results are most important so we always give fast results.

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